Dog training club celebrates 50 years


Last night Brook Dog Training Club celebrated 50 years of continuous dog training.

There was games for the dogs… and their handlers, a talk about Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy training and cake!  One for the owners and one for the dogs.  Some past members and Committee Members were invited as guests of honour.

Cake for the dog and their handlers to celebrate 50 years of Jarvis Brook Dog Training

Over the years many dogs have been trained at Jarvis Brook Memorial Hall and there is still a constant stream of young puppies being brought to the Club for their initial training.

Brook Dog Training Club aims to help members and their dog to learn together, so that the family can enjoy the very special relationship which comes with sharing their life with a well-adjusted, happy, socialised and generally, well behaved dog.

The Club was instigated by Barbara Pointer in 1967.  Sadly she died a few years ago.  In her honour the trophy for Overall Best in Club was re-named the Pointer Trophy and is awarded annually.

Former members Brook Dog Training Club

The Club trains in accordance with the Kennel Club’s dog training scheme with members achieving their Puppy Foundation, Bronze, Silver and Gold awards, which are awarded throughout the year.

The Club maintains links with The Cinnamon Trust and the Crowborough Animal Welfare Society, and regularly makes donations to good causes.

As well as obedience classes, dog-related groups, such as Pets as Therapy, are invited to give talks to the members.  So far 14 dogs have become registered as therapy dogs.  One of these, Marnee, was voted by the general public as PAT Dog of the Year in 2015.

Two companion shows have been held.  In 2007, the 40th birthday show donated of £1,500 to Jarvis Brook Memorial Hall where the Club has met throughout the 50 years.  The second show in 2008 raised a donation of £2,000 for Crowborough Hospital.

Cutting the Birthday Cake



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