Display about old shops and businesses in Crowborough


Crowborough has a new display of historical items in the foyer of the Community Centre.

Cabinet-2During September and October the cabinet has a collection of memorabilia associated with old shops and business in Crowborough, including Sid Jarvis’s barbers and the shop where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had his shoes repaired.

Former Councillor Elizabeth Fermor who is one of the people behind the initiative said:

Crowborough Town Council has been holding various items of memorabilia for a long time, and it was all catalogued at one time, but as Crowborough Cabinet-1does not have a museum nothing further has been done.

We felt it would be good if just a few items could be put on display, rather than just having it all stored away in a cupboard.

This is why the Communications & Environment Committee agreed to provide a cabinet, and the Community Centre were happy to house it.

There will be different themes every two to three months and it is hoped that members of the Crowborough community will be interested in loaning items for display.  The next display planned for November and December will be about World War II.

Anyone wishing to loan historical items can contact Elizabeth on em@fermor.me.uk or Linn Law at rainbow@linn-law.co.uk.



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