Demolition of shop on The Broadway in Crowborough


A planning application has been submitted to demolish Heatherbank, currently occupied by Beacon Travel, and the adjacent Peonies from Pluto. In place, a four storey block would be constructed, with two replacement retail units on the ground floor, with seven flats above.

Heatherbank The Broadway in Crowborough, currently occupied by Beacon Travel, and the adjacent Peonies from Pluto

It is understood the current businesses will be offered first refusal to take the retail units.

Six of the flats on the middle floors will have one bedroom. There would be a larger two-bedroom apartment on the top floor.

Two semi-detached houses would also be built on land further up the alleyway behind Heatherbank, currently used by Crowborough Cabs. The houses will be three storeys and each have three bedrooms. The proposed houses and flats would be separated by a parking area.

Plan and elevations submitted with the application

Previously the applicants have applied for permission to build a block of 10 flats on the land behind Heatherbank (see “Raised eyebrows” no parking provided).

Although the principle of the redevelopment of the site was agreed, there was disagreement over the form, and the application was withdrawn. There
were a number of matters of concern, and the accompanying application seeks to address those.

WD/2021/0224/O Design and Access Statement

Permission has already been granted to build three Town Houses on adjacent land behind Johnsons Dry Cleaners.

The public have until 20th April to comment, see planning application (Ref: WD/2021/0224/O).

Correction – When first published the article wrongly called the travel agency “Broadway Travel”.



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  1. This doesn’t seem right.
    This is on the access to the town from the main carpark. Having houses / flats with parking means access will be across the pavement onto white zigzag lines close to a junction.
    I know the high street generally is in decline but somewhere with footfall in a pedestrian area close to a carpark would surely be better suited to retail rather than just more housing.

    • More houses in the town is equally important as more retail units. There is no point to have more retail when this town offers nothing back to those business. High rent, rates but footfall keep going down. People more use to online shopping after covid and shops in High Street closing down in a rate more then ever, so more housing seems better option then retail units.

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