Death of the Phone Box

Phone Box in the lay-by near Boar’s Head Inn
Phone Box in the lay-by near Boar’s Head Inn – one of the ones BT want to remove in Crowborough

When I was a teenager making a call required taking a walk up to the end of the street with a pocket full of change.  It’s not that I’m that old, just that my Dad refused to have a phone installed at home, because he didn’t want to be on call for work.  Also, I think it was because he was tight, and he didn’t want his three sons running up a massive phone bill.

Anyway I digress.  Nowadays doesn’t everyone have a mobile?  Reception might be notoriously bad in Crowborough.  But I know many families that are now going without a house phone.

Well it seem like we don’t need phone boxes any more.

BT are planning to remove four more phone boxes in Crowborough.  Some of them are getting used so infrequently, only five calls have been made from them in the past year.

The telecomms company have written to Wealden District Council advising them of plans to scrap the following phone boxes:

  • Opposite Plough and Horses, Walshes Road
  • Near the Crow and Gate, Uckfield Road
  • Near Boar’s Head Inn, Boarshead, just on the outskirts
  • Junction of Hoadley’s Lane, London Road

BT say the phone box near the Boar’s Head gets used on average once a week, and each of the other phone boxes have had around five calls made from it in the last 12 months.  If all four were removed there would be nine boxes remaining in Crowborough.

Sign in the Phone Box notifying users of the proposal removal
Sign in the Phone Box notifying users of the proposal removal

If you feel strongly they should be kept, give Wealden District Council’s Planning Department a call on 01892 653311 before 8th October.

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