Day-out for Chernobyl’s children staying in Sussex


The Crowborough Rotary Club has sponsored a day-out at Drusillas for a group of children who normally live near the site of the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl.

Drusillas groupSince the explosion in 1986 there has also been an increase of around 800% in cancers in children living near to the reactor.  Friends of Chernobyl’s Children (FOCC) is a charity which raises funds to bring children, who are at risk, from Belarus to the UK for a month every year.  The Mid-Sussex Branch, brings a group of around 14 children to Sussex for a month of fun activities, fresh air and healthy food, and send them home with much needed clothing, shoes, vitamins and basic medicines.  The children are selected from deprived, mostly single parent families, by the charity who have an office in Belarus.   During their visit the childen stay with local families – a couple of host families live here in Crowborough.  Animals Drusillas FOCC

Des Willars said:

The Rotary Club of Crowborough has been supporting this charity for a number of years.   Each year we have raised funds to cover the costs of taking the children ‘for a day out’.  Last year we took them to Groombridge – this year it was Drusillas Park.   Everyone had a great time.

The children live in harsh conditions in their homeland and have few material possessions.  Consequently, the memories of their stay in England for a month each year are cherished during the cold winters.

The fun the children had, and the permanent smiles of their faces, were most rewarding. Drusillas Stocks FOCC

FOCC has to raise large funds to pay for the visas and air fares for the children.  The hosts receive no payment.  This scheme is just one of the projects supported by Crowborough Rotary Club.
Click on the following link for more information about the Friends of Chernobyl Children.


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