Crowborough’s Repair Café


When I was a kid, my parents had a strong “make do and mend” mentality. If I got a hole in my jumper – Mum would darn it. Or if the radio stopped working, Dad would take it apart on the kitchen table to see whether he could fix it.

But then what happened? I moved away from home. I started to earn more money, the price of new clothes and appliances fell. Consumerism got a grip – I wanted the latest gizmo and wanted to wear the latest fashions.

But there are groups of people (me included) trying to do something about our disposable society and the amount of stuff we throw away.

The first Repair Café was set up in Holland in 2009. Now Crowborough has joined the worldwide movement and one has been set-up to join the over 2,000 Repair Cafés around the globe.

What is a Repair Café

They are run by a team of volunteers with a variety of different skills. Residents can take all kinds of household and personal items to be repaired free of charge. People are encouraged to watch whilst the volunteer works, so that the repairer can pass on their expertise.

And you can have a cuppa and a slice of cake whilst you wait to be seen.

There is no charge, but donations are welcome and these help to cover the running costs.

Crowborough Repair Café is part of Green Transition Crowborough – a community organisation that promotes local action to address climate change and encourage sustainability.

Where and When

The next Repair Café is on Saturday 6th August at Ashdown School (junior site) on Herne Road. From then on, they will be held on the first Saturday of the month. They start at 10am. The last repairs taken-in at midday (or sooner if capacity is reached before then).

So next time something in your home is playing up, why not see if you can fix it. Not only will you be surprised how easy it can be, you’ll be amazed how satisfying it feels.

Selection of photos from Crowborough’s first Repair Café on 2nd July:



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