Crowborough Town Council propose increasing Council Tax by 1.9%


Yesterday evening Crowborough Town Council’s finance committee proposed a 1.9% increase in their Council Tax precept (£2.44 per year on an average Band D property). This follows a zero increase in 2014/15.  The final decision will be made by Full Council next week (Tuesday 13th).

Council-Tax-BillThe total Council Tax Bill is made up of amounts set by East Sussex County Council, East Sussex Fire Authority, Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, Wealden District Council and Crowborough Town Council.

Support for not-increasing Council Tax:

Wealden District Council are proposing a zero increase for the fifth year running.

Authorities (other than Crowborough Town Council) which increase their Council Tax would lose the ‘freeze grant’ from Government – equivalent to 1% of Council Tax (£116,000 in the case of Wealden District Council).


Authorities (again other than Crowborough Town Council) have to hold a referendum if they want to increase the Council Tax by more than a threshold (currently 2%).  The Government is currently consulting whether the referendum principle should be extended to the highest spending parishes (including Crowborough Town Council).  This is one reason why Councillors last night suggested the increase should be kept at 1.9%, rather than a bigger increase (such as 2.5% also being considered).

Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner:

A consultation about a proposed 1.98% increase in the Police charge ends on Friday (9th January).  For more information read: Are you prepared to pay more for policing?

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