Should health clinics, a crèche & exhibitions be allowed in Pine Grove?


Crowborough Town Council have now applied for permission to allow them to use parts of the proposed Enterprise Hub for a greater variety of purposes.

Former Wealden District Council offices and Library Pine Grove CrowboroughLast February it was agreed that the former offices of Wealden District Council could be used for business, financial and professional services including light industrial (Classes B1 and A2); however a request for Class D1 was removed a few weeks before the committee hearing because of uncertainty about how much additional traffic might be generated.  Without further studies there was concern the inclusion of D1 might jeopardise the whole application.

D1 permission would allow the building to be used for a variety of non-residential uses including clinics, health centres, crèches, day nurseries, day centres, schools, education and training centres, art galleries, museums, libraries, halls, places of worship, church halls, law court.

Crowborough Planning consultants ASP, acting on behalf of the Town Council, have now submitted an application to use up to 350 square metres of the building for D1 use plus the library.  350m² is equivalent to the amount of floor space in the Council Chamber and the Atrium, but Councillors want flexibility regarding which parts of the building could eventually be used for D1 uses.

In the Transport Study which accompanies the application, they argue that when the District Council occupied Pine Grove, the building was then used for D1 ‘type’ uses.  In addition they conclude there will probably be less traffic generated when the building is used as an Enterprise Centre and Community Hub, than when it was Council Offices.

Getting D1 use is one of the main conditions of the sale.  Town Councillors thought they should get maximum flexibilty of potential uses to ensure the Hub’s commercial success in the future.  For more background information, see the previous article: Wealden District Council agrees to sell their former offices.

The consultation runs until 4th February.   For more information click on the link: WD/2015/2768/F.

Have Your Say: Do you have any views on the building being used for these D1 uses?  Are you looking for a suitable space for your organisation or company in Crowborough and are you considering using the Hub?  You can add comments below or join the conversation on Facebook.

Planning Notice WD/2015/2768/F Crowborough



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