The Town Council’s first Business Plan

Since September 2015, Crowborough Town Council has been working on developing a Business Plan.

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Minutes of Finance and General Purposes Meeting (8th September 2015) read:

A Business Plan will enable the Council to set out objectives, priorities and establish logical timescales.

In recent months, the Council’s six committee have been brainstorming ideas to include in the Plan.  Their ideas include taking on functions from other councils, like verge cutting or running the library; refurbishment of Canada Green (the area next to Chapel Green which is a memorial garden to eight Canadians killed whilst camped on Crowborough Common) and investigating setting-up a town museum.  Click to download a list of their suggestions.

At the last meeting of Full Council, on 21st November, Councillors decided to create a working party to refine the Business Plan.  A Draft Plan will be presented to Council early next year, and the intention is for it to be a “living” document with annual reviews.

In conjunction with Councillors recent ideas, you might also care to look back at the document published in 2010: Top of the Weald – A Vision for Crowborough.

  • What do you think about the Town Council’s suggestions?
  • What priorities and future targets do you think the Town Council be setting?
  • Do you have any other suggestions / comments / proposals that you would like the Council to consider?

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One comment on “The Town Council’s first Business Plan
  1. Firstly CTC should be commended for taking forward Crowborough’s Vision Document “On Top of the Weald” which was first published I believe in 2007. Some of the ideas identified in this ‘ first ever Business Plan’ were also elements of the Neighbourhood Plan which was dissolved by CTC following 2 years of lack of progress and ‘apathy’ (according to CTC amongst Crowborough residents). However it’s a positive move in the right direction for the town to have a Business Plan which identifies and prioritises how Crowborough should and progress and improve for its residents and businesses going forward. There are a number of great ideas listed by CTC which could be taken forward with some positive thinking and commitment from them and other interested parties such as
    1. ” A Crowborough Partnership with other groups and individuals in the town to “keep the town alive”

    2. Pedestrianisation of the High Street to encourage “footfall’ and attract some independent retailers back to the town. Improve traffic flow and pavements for pedestrians and shoppers.

    3. Develop a ‘Tourism Strategy’ linked to a Tourism Information Hub and or Heritage & Education Centre to exploit and maximise Crowborough’s links with the Ashdown Forest and nature, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and historical events such as the First and Second World Wars.

    There are many issues and challenges facing communities up and down the country, not least public funding cuts which have for example,seen local policing decimated.

    Perhaps Crowborough’s Town Council with its first ever Business Plan is now attempting to take something positive forward. Just one final suggestion – there should be some local residents represented if any of the proposals are given even an ‘amber’ light!

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