4 comments on “Town council to increase tax by 4.89%
  1. How much longer do the council expect the general public to dip into there shrinking wages or pensions, gas, electric, insurance, travel,these are also going up there has to be a limit we are not thier cash cows.

  2. We pay more than Tunbridge Wells! Im on band E for some reason! Which I think is wrong! Can barely afford it now at £183 a month! Thank god for the single discount! Dread to think how much mine will now be!! Oh and they’re talking of raising the police section payment on top of this! We get nothing for what we pay for police currently! It’s just wrong!

  3. I pay £287 a month now and for what. My friend in Cyprus has his bins emptied EVERY week and the POLICE patrol the area at night. He pays £47 a YEAR.
    Who are being ROBBED

  4. So they approve to build more and more estates and flats all over the place, which will pay them more council tax and yet they still increase the overall council tax rates?? How on earth can they keep justifying it.

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