Crowborough Town Council cancel Sussex Day & Summer Fair


It is with sadness and regret that Crowborough Town Council has taken the difficult decision to cancel its Sussex Day and Summer Fair events scheduled for later this year.

Crowborough Summer Fair in 2014

The decision was taken by the Council’s Communication & Events Committee last week due to the uncertainty regarding any restrictions on large gatherings which may be in place for June and July.

The minutes of the meeting state:

Due to the uncertainty around the pandemic and how people gathering will be managed in the near future events planning is problematic. Members were reluctant to commit the Council to risking taxpayer funds on events that may have to be cancelled.

The Council also has a duty to act responsibly and to set a lead.

Sussex Day (held at Chapel Green) and the Summer Fair (at Goldsmiths Rec) both take months of planning, with bookings required for performers and marques among other things. The Officer’s report, considered by Councillors, said that £3,000 was lost last year when the Summer Fair had to be cancelled because of the pandemic.

It was agreed to defer making a decision regarding the Boundary Walk until the next Communication & Events meeting in April. The Boundary Walk is a relatively simply event and can be organised in a matter or weeks. Depending on what restrictions apply in Crowborough on Rogation Sunday in May, it may be possible for the walk to proceed. However the Town Council have said it is unlikely they would be able to provide refreshments or allow walkers to set off at the same time.



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