Video: Crowborough Hustings

Last night (Saturday), the four candidates standing to be the next MP for Wealden, attended an election hustings at Crowborough Community Centre.

The event was streamed live on Facebook, and the video of the event is available for those people who could not be present.

The four candidates (seated from left to right) are:

• Chris Bowers, Liberal Democrats

• Angie Smith, Labour Party

• (Helen Catt, Moderator)

• Nus Ghani, Conservative Party

• Georgia Taylor, Green Party

Helen Catt, BBC Political Correspondent, was the moderator (seated in the centre). Helen Catt started by asking the audience how many of them were still undecided (6:40). Less than 5 hands were raised. About two-thirds indicated that they had made up their minds about who they were voting for.

Before taking questions from the audience, each candidate started by giving a short opening speech (7:23).

Although there were three Brexit-related questions, other topics, including climate change and homelessness, was discussed:

  1. What the impact might be to the economy if the UK did leave the European Union (21:12)
  2. What candidates think would keep the population safe, in light of the terrorist attack at London Bridge last week (30:28)
  3. What are their party’s policies to tackle child homelessness (41:38)
  4. How each party would deal with a retrospective tax change introduced in the 2017 budget (Loan Charge / IR35) (54.05)
  5. The candidates were asked to identify what might be the most beneficial aspect if the UK were to leave the EU (1:02:20)
  6. They were asked what the best character traits are of the party’s leaders (1:11:13)
  7. If there was to be another referendum, they were asked to say how would Parliament have time to consider other legislation (1:17:00)
  8. Do they think their plans are radical enough to tackle the climate crisis (1:21:30).

(The video is best viewed on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Time-codes are given to help you navigate around the video. Click on “time remaining” to switch to “time elapsed”.)

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