Crowborough girl is thanked by Syrian refugee for her help


Yesterday in the school assembly a pupil at Ashdown Primary School received a thank you gift from a Syrian girl she helped.

Lexie Roberts from Western Road in Crowborough, sent a rucksack containing school supplies and winter clothes, as part of a collection organised by Lewes Actions for Refugees.

The rucksacks were received in the SB OverSeas center in Aarsal in Lebanon.  When a girl called Nour opened the rucksack she found Lexie’s letter hidden inside.  To find Lexie the humanitarian aid organisation posted the following video appeal.  In the video Nour can be seen drawing at school in Bukra Ahla.

The Sussex Express newspaper shared the video and Lexie was traced to Crowborough.

Yesterday (Friday 24th February) Aphra Evans, who featured in the video, came to Crowborough to give a presentation to the school children.  During the assembly she gave Lexie the drawing Nour can be seen making in the video at the school in Bukra Ahla (“A Better Tomorrow”) centre.

Lexie with her letter from Nour. Photograped with (Left to Right) Afra Evans from SB OverSeas, Helen Cowen from Lewes Actions for Refugees and her mother Sarah.


Lexie’s mother said:

Well Initially she was abit bewildered by it all!  Especially the You Tube video.  But she was over the moon to recieve Nour’s letter.  I explained to her the situation and whilst she was searching round the house for items to put in the rucksack, said she felt sad as they didn’t have many nice things and had to leave all their toys behind.  And she wanted to help another little girl like her.



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