Crowborough dentists to relocate


The Broadway Dental Practice from its current location to the former Mister Smith premises.

The Practice was established in 1999 and has been at its current location since inception.

Ownership changed in 2006 when Dr David Theunissen and Dr Michael Espach took over the dentists from its original owner. They had both worked as associates at the practice since 2000.

As Dr David Theunissen explained

Unfortunately, we were never able to purchase the building despite approaching the owners some time ago.

Recently however the building was sold and as a result we felt it necessary to purchase our own building to ensure the future continuation of the practice.

Fortunately, when the “Mister Smith” property came onto the market, we were able the purchase of this building and are currently busy with the refurbishment.

Dr Theunissen

The new building is large enough to create four surgeries on the ground floor, which will enable the practice to expand as it continues to grow year on year.

At the new location the new practice will be entirely on the ground floor eliminating any use of stairs, as access was a problem at the current site. All the new surgeries will have wheelchair access.

Depending on progress with refurbishment, the new practice will hopefully be able to open sometime in April or early May.

Despite moving to Croft Road the practice will still keep the existing name of “Broadway Dental Practice”.



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