Supporting their members during the pandemic


This week Crowborough Darby and Joan Club delivered a delicious fish and chips lunch to all of their 66 members.

In normal times the Darby and Joan Club provides monthly social events.

Since the start of the first Covid-19 lockdown in March, the committee has been keeping in regular phone contact with their elderly members and delivering treats every month to help lift people’s spirits.

Committee member, Fenella Dolling, delivering a fish and chips lunch to Wendy Bowd of Crowborough.

Sheila Barnard, Chairperson of the Club, said:

In this difficult time, when so many of our members are feeling isolated it’s important for us to give them our support with regular conversation and offers of help with shopping,  et cetera.

The members have been very appreciative of the phone contact and the monthly treats. We intend to continue with this support as long as the Covid crisis continues.

Membership is open to everyone over 65. If you are interested in joining, or you know of someone who might benefit from membership, please contact Sheila Barnard on 01892 653024.



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