Council to discuss fire service cuts


Update: The Mayor & Deputy Mayor, Chairmen / Vice Chairmen will remain in place until the Annual Statutory Meeting in 2021.

Next week Crowborough Town Council will discuss how they will respond to the current consultation regarding proposed changes to the fire service.

Crowborough Community Fire Station

Proposals 2 and 3 would affect Crowborough Fire Station.

Also on the Agenda of the Extraordinary Remote meeting is an item to decide what to do about the Annual Statutory Meeting (ASM). The annual meeting usually held in May, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected, along with selecting the Chairman and the Vice Chairman of each committee.

Councillors will consider whether to hold the ASM in June or to postpone the annual meeting, until perhaps September, or even not hold a meeting this year. If this happens the current people would remain in post until then.

The Council will also consider a recommendation to pay off a loan from ESCC which was used towards Pine Grove using money from the sale of the old Town Hall.

It is also understood that finding a permanent location for the Rock Snake currently at Chapel Green will be raised.

The meeting, which is being held via video conferencing, will also receive reports from District and County Councillors. In her written report, Cllr Kay Moss has said that fly-tipping increased by a third whilst the waste sites were closed. Cllr Richard Stogdon’s report includes progress on Croft Road roadworks and plans to move onto Whitehill Road next.

Members of the public can address the councillors at the start of the meeting. Access details for this remote meeting can be obtained from the Council by emailing



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  1. This should have been an election year for East Sussex County Council, which might have brought new councillors to the county, with maybe new people responsible for the Crowborough Town Council area, who would be attending the forthcoming ASM. I think councillors should keep their posts (assuming they wish to serve another year) until the postponed election can be held next year, Covid 19 permitting.

  2. It is vital that the residents and surrounding communities make their opinions known to Crowborough Council regarding the Fire Authority’s plans. The proposed “CUTS” will place you and your family at unacceptable risk and will endanger the lives of Firefighters – Keep Crowborough and her Firefighters Safe! “Lives Matter No Cuts”

  3. Once again Crowborough services are being axed but council tax continue to rise. Please keep the status quo regarding Fire Services in Crowborough.

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