Crowborough to go into Tier 4


The Health Secretary has announced that from Boxing Day the whole of Sussex will move into Tier 4 “Stay at Home”, joining the neighbouring counties of Kent and Surrey, in the equivalent of a national lockdown. (Previously only the districts of Rother and Hastings in Sussex were in the Tier 4).

Until Saturday (26th December) Wealden is in Tier 2 (High). Residents are still permitted to see families and friends on Christmas Day. You may see people from a maximum of two other households (your “Christmas Bubble“) – but you cannot see anyone from a Tier 4 area.

In Tier 4 you must:

  • stay at home whenever possible
  • non-essential shops must close
  • gyms, hair and beauty and other close contact services must close
  • you can only meet one other person not from your household and only in an open public space
  • you must not travel to areas in other tiers (unless it’s absolutely essential for work, medical reasons or education)
  • no travel abroad
  • support bubbles are still allowed
  • communal worship can continue
Watch Matt Hancock’s coronavirus briefing (starts 13:34).

Book a Test

There is currently a mobile test centre at Crowborough Rugby Club (until Christmas Eve Thursday 24th). If you think you might have coronavirus, you can book a Covid-19 test here.

Coronavirus Cases

The latest data for parts of Crowborough:

Area (MSOA)Rolling RateCasesChange last week
Crowborough Whitehill & Warren289.722Up 12
Crowborough South East134.811Down 9
Crowborough North East402.526 Up 20
Rates and Cases (seven days to week ending Friday 18th December 2020)

Rolling Rate is the seven–day average expressed per 100,000 population and allows areas of different sizes to be compared. So you take the seven day count divided by the area population and multiply by 100,000. So for Crowborough North East this is 26 cases / 6,459 estimated population in Mid-2019 x 100,000.

Both the Rolling Rate for Wealden (356.1) and East Sussex (478.8) are higher than the national average for England.

Interactive Covid-19 Map showing Crowborough (18th Dec 2020)
Screenshot of the Government’s Interactive Mapping System

AreaRolling Rate
East Sussex478.8
Week ending 18th Dec

Patients Admitted to Hospital

Click for information about the number of patients admitted to Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust (includes Pembury and Maidstone Hospitals). Similar data for East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust.

By using the Interactive Map on the Government’s website you can look at the latest published Covid-19 rates and compare rates between areas. Using the timeline you can see how rates have changed from week to week.

Since the start of the pandemic, sadly 110 people from Wealden have died after having tested positive for Covid-19. This is a rate of 68.1 per 100,000 and compares to the average of 107.0 per 100,000 in England.



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  1. I’m afraid I’m too dim for these figures to make much sense to me. But having watched BBC South East News for several weeks, and seen that Wealden has been around fourth or fifth lowest in the whole of Surrey and Sussex, and Swale in Kent being one of the highest case areas, I would be annoyed if we get dumped into anything higher than Tier 2 on Thursday. Most people I know have been careful, going out masked up and not inviting all and sundry to their houses. It seems to be in areas of large population where people crowd together and spread the virus. I feel safer in a pub and in our fabulous local cinema (PH Uckfield) and its restaurant than I do in any shop, where despite arrows on the floor, people bump into each other crossing the aisles and touch stuff that others have touched, however studiously the staff have cleaned and disinfected. I have an annual meal booked with some friends in a pub just in Kent, in a village with low cases, and will be angry if it gets cancelled.

  2. How quickly things change! My previous comments now seem fatuous and out of date, now we’re all in Tier 4. Not much fun to go into 2021 with, but I hope people have had some kind of joy at Christmas, despite my plans being wrecked and rubbish technology ruining a Zoom call with family.
    Happy New Year (from Easter, perhaps) to Stephan and all who read this useful site.

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