Fairtrade Chocolate Fiesta

To celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight, Crowborough Fairtrade organised a competition and chocolate tasting event last Saturday (2nd March).

Visitors to the Oasis Centre in Beacon Road were able to taste a range of different chocolates from Crowborough’s shops, and enter a chocolate-themed baking competition.

In Crowborough, the Fairtrade Foundation’s aims are promoted by Crowborough Fairtrade, which encourages Crowborough’s residents to buy Fairtrade products from the shops in the town.

The deserving winner of the competition was 10-year old Esther Hall, whose fabulous chocolate sponge cake was modelled on a mug of Fairtrade hot chocolate, topped with cream and marshmallows.

Sharon Forbes presents Esther Hall with the prize for the winning cake.

You can find out more about Crowborough Fairtrade by looking at their Facebook page or their website: crowboroughfairtrade.wordpress.com.

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