Latest Covid rates in Crowborough


Although the number of cases in two parts of Crowborough have fallen, the latest data compiled by the Government (up to Tuesday 29th December) shows the Rolling Rate of Covid-19 cases remains above the average for England across the town.

Area (MSOA)Rolling RateCasesChange from last week
Crowborough Whitehill & Warren395.130Down 12
Crowborough South East257.421Up 4
Crowborough North East526.434Down 1
Seven days to 29th December
Screenshot of the Government’s Interactive Mapping System

How the rate in Wealden relates to other areas:

AreaRolling Rate per 100,000
East Sussex573.6

Rolling Rate is the seven–day average expressed per 100,000 population and allows areas of different sizes to be compared. So you take the seven day count divided by the area population and multiply by 100,000. So for Crowborough North East this is 34 cases / 6,459 estimated population in Mid-2019 x 100,000.

Since the start of the pandemic, sadly 135 people from Wealden have died after having tested positive for Covid-19. This is a rate of 83.6 per 100,000 and compares to the average of 116.3 per 100,000 in England.

Covid Testing Station

Wealden District Council has announced on social media that a new Covid-19 testing station will be established in their Croft Road car park from Tuesday this week for walk-ins from Sunday (10th January). Previously there has been a mobile testing facility in the Golf Club and in the Rugby Club car parks. This site at Steel Cross is operated for a couple of days at a time, rotating between Crowborough and other towns in the area. (At this stage, Crowborough Life doesn’t know whether this facility at Steel Cross will continue once the town centre site is operational).



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