Have changes to the traffic lights made matters worse?


red-lightsCouncillors and residents are worried they might get knocked down at the Crowborough Cross, as drivers are getting frustrated and are ‘jumping’ red traffic lights.

Earlier this year, concerns were raised by residents and local businesses, that vehicles waiting to turn right in the middle of the junction, didn’t have enough time to complete their manoeuvre before the lights changed to green for the other direction.

Sussex Police and East Sussex County Council both reviewed the traffic lights, and now Highways Officers have made some changes to the duration of the sequence to address the original problem.

However, Crowborough Town Councillors now think because the lights are on red for longer, the queues of traffic are much longer.  Councillors Philip Fermor and Kay Moss both said they had witnessed drivers getting impatient and turning right after the lights had changed.  At the Environment Committee meeting this week Town Councllors said they were worried there will be a collision, as drivers cross in front of the path of another vehicle or a pedestrian will be knocked down crossing the road.  County Councillor Richard Stogdon agreed to raise the matter at County Hall.

Residents in St Johns have also told Crowborough Police of their concerns during a recent neighbourhood panel meeting.

Before Tuesday’s Council meeting, an East Sussex County Council spokesman explained to CrowboroughLife what changes had been made:

We adjusted the traffic signals at Crowborough Cross so that there is a longer all-red period to allow right-turning traffic additional time to clear the junction.  The aim of this is to reduce the number of vehicles ‘jumping’ the red lights.

It’s too early to draw any conclusions on the effect of the changes but we will continue to monitor the situation.
Queues along the High Street as traffic backs-up behind cars turning right towards Tunbridge Wells

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