Councillor Ron Reed re-elected Mayor of Crowborough


At last night’s Council meeting the following people were appointed to fill the four vacancies on the Town Council:

Jarvis Brook — David NeevesCrowborough Town Council logo
North Martyn Garrett

St Johns — Heather Rogers
West  — Margaret Brain

The full complement of 16 Town Councillors is as follows.  Their full contact details will appear on the Town Council’s website in due course:

Ward Seat Candidates
East 4 Peter Ellefsen; David Larkin; Greg Rose; Sandra Timms
Jarvis Brook 2 David Neeve; George Moss
North 4 Martyn Garrett; Alan Penney; Ronald Reed; Neil Waller
St Johns 2 Kay Moss (Con); Hather Rogers
West 4 Margaret Brian; Quentin Burch; Wendy Scrace; Matthew Street

Mayor and Deputy Mayor

Councillor Ron Reed was re-elected to serve as Mayor for a second year and Councillor Quentin Burch, who has been instrumental in the Council’s bid to buy the Pine Grove offices, was chosen as his Deputy.


Councillors they decided which committees they wish to serve on and the outside bodies they wish to represent the Council.  The following Councillors were elected to chair the Council’s six committees:

  • Communications and Events: Cllr Mathew Street
  • Environment: Cllr Sandra Timms
  • Finance & General Purposes: Cllr Quentin Burch
  • Personnel: Cllr George Moss
  • Planning & Development:Cllr George Moss
  • Sport, Recreaction & Cemetry: Cllr Kay Moss

Other Business:

One of the regular items on the agenda is reports from District and County Councillors for Crowborough.Jarvis-brook-railway-bridge

Councillor Richard Stogdon told the Town Council a meeting had been held with the Assistant Director for Transport at East Sussex County Council (ESCC).  Jeremy Woolgar of Crowborough Chamber of Commerce also attended.

It was reported that ESCC, as the Highways Authority, had costed possible traffic alleviation schemes for the town – specifically to provide alternative routes for HGV lorries from the A26 to the Millbrook Industrial Estate.  To widen Palegate Lane, to make it suitable to take lorries, would costs between £6 and 9 million.  To lower the road under the railway bridge at the station, and underpin the bridge, would cost in the region of £1million.  Discussions will now take place with Network Rail about the feasibilty of altering the bridge and possible funding of the scheme.



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