Council tax increase agreed by Fire Authority

East Sussex Fire Authority has agreed to increase Council Tax by 1.94%.

The Fire and Rescue Service is becoming more dependent on funding from Business Rates and local Council Tax payers as central government grants are being reduced.

Increasing Council Tax by 1.94% means Band D Council Tax goes up by £1.62 to £85.07 a year, raising an estimated £23.2 million.  The Fire Authority’s net revenue budget has been set at £38.6m million.

Council Tax Increases 2015-16

This is only the second time in 5 years that the Authority has increased its Council Tax and means that our services cost the average household just £1.64 each week.

Chairman of the Fire Authority Phil Howson said:

East Sussex Fire Authority remains committed to providing an effective and efficient Fire and Rescue Service in these challenging financial times.  We have already agreed a number of savings which are being implemented.  These will ensure that not only is our financial future secure but that the community we serve remains protected.

How East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is funded

The Authority’s net revenue budget is funded from three main sources:

  • Council Tax (61%)
  • Government grant (20%)
  • Business Rates (19%)

Our general government grant has decreased by 26% from £10.5m in 2013/14 to £7.8m in 2015/16 and we expect it to fall to £2.8m by 2019/20.

Where the money goes

The main areas the Authority spends its revenue budget are

  • Employees (68%)
  • Running expenses (23%)
  • Capital Financing (5%)
    Contribution to Reserves (4%)

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