Consultation about footpath diversions on Crowborough Common


Crowborough Beacon Golf Club have applied to have six footpaths and two bridleways crossing Crowborough Common diverted.

The Golf Club would like the Rights of Way permanently changed to reduce the risk of accidents to walkers and riders crossing golfing areas.  Recently a number of posters have been displayed near tees warning golfers that rights of way cross the fairways.

Before-you-driveThe Diversion Order is being assessed under section 119 of the Highways Act 1980 and Wealden District Council need to consider whether the revised routes are less convenient and what effect the changes would have on the public’s enjoyment of the paths.

Example of one of the notices displayed on Crowborough Common
Example of one of the notices displayed on Crowborough Common

The Golf Club wish to divert footpaths 31, 36a, 37, 38a, 40a & 40b, and bridleways 43a & 43b.  The public have until Friday 24th July to have their say, including the opportunity to suggest other alternative routes.  If no objections are received Wealden Council may confirm the Order unopposed, otherwise it will be forwarded to the Secretary of State for the Environment for consideration.

Two new routes (marked on the maps as ‘dedications’) connecting High Brooms Road with the Canadian War Memorial will be made into new public footpaths, but the agreement to facilitate this will not be signed until the Diversion Order in place as well.

Last September Wealden District Council carried-out an initial consultation on the proposed change with East Sussex County Council and Crowborough Town Council, utility companies and organised user groups such as the Ramblers Association and Open Spaces Society.  (To see the previous article please click here.)

Now notices advertising the order have been displayed across the Common and in The Courier newspaper.  A copy of the order and maps showing all the proposed can be obtained for free from the Council’s Hailsham offices in person or by ringing Graham Kean 01323 443126.

The procedure could take a further 9 months or more.  If the Diversion Order is granted, the cost of erecting signposts will be bourne by Crowborough Beacon Golf Club.


The Big Pathwatch

Today the Ramblers are launching a new mobile phone app.  It is part of ‘The Big Pathwatch’, a survey to examine the state of the footpath network in England and Wales.   You can find-out all about it by watching their video below.

There are over 2,000 miles of footpaths, bridleways and byways in East Sussex.  Rights of Way in the county can be viewed on a map on the County Council website:  East Sussex Council Council currently allocates £440,000 per year for maintenance work, but like all local government budgets there is pressure to save money.  The countryside management team at ESCC are currently looking at ways they can get volunteers more involved at maintaining paths in their area.

Almost 900 people took part in East Sussex County Council’s own consultation into the future management of footpaths, bridleways and county parks earlier this year.  You can read the finding here: Future Countryside Access.



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