Consultation on new Police Station


Sussex Police have purchased the old Town Hall to convert it into a new police station for Crowborough. They were granted permission in December.

It will replace the current Victorian building, down Crowborough Hill at the junction with North Beeches Road. The Police have said is in poor repair and no longer fit for purpose. 

There would be no alterations to the exterior of the former Town Hall, except for a new police sign. Internally new partition walls will be constructed to divide the old council chamber. The undercroft car parking spaces on Croham Road will be retained.

From today (Tuesday 25 February), Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne, is giving residents an opportunity to have their say on what services they would like delivered from their new local police station.

Katy Bourne Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner photographed outside Crowborough Town Hall with two PCSOs.

Mrs Bourne commented: 

I know that residents appreciate seeing a police presence in their area and feel reassured to know that officers are still working in the heart of their community.

I also believe it is vitally important to keep residents informed of what is happening in their local area. So, I’m keen to see how technology could be used where possible to provide information about policing and other local services even during the hours when the station itself is closed. 

The creation of a new police facility gives me a unique opportunity to consult. How would residents like to see the building used? What services do they want it to offer?  What do police officers, PCSOs and front office staff think?

I’m looking forward to visiting Crowborough soon and hearing their thoughts for myself.

The survey can be found online here: 

Printed copies will be available at local venues, including Crowborough Library and the Freedom Leisure Centre. 

Staff of the PCC have also said they will carry out short interviews with members of the public, in and around the town, to get their views (dates have not yet been decided).

A spokesperson said:

This consultation is an important part of the PCC’s work, on behalf of the public, to gauge residents’ opinions and then feed results back to Sussex Police to influence future decision-making on policing in local communities.

In relation to what will happen with the old Police station after the relocation:

As far as I know, there is no decision yet about what will happen to the old police station and two police houses.

Wealden District Council’s Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment said there was space for 10 dwellings on the site of the current police station and redundant police houses on Crowborough Hill.

The Town Council received £310,000 from the sale of the former Town Hall. The Finance and General Purposes Committee are recommending the money is used to pay off a loan they received from East Sussex County Council towards the purchase of Pine Grove.

Residents have until Friday 27th March to have their say and any further comments can be emailed to

Article originally published on 22/02/2020 updated when the survey went live on 25/02/2020. Updated with details of the money received on 05/03/2020.



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  1. If this goes ahead it will bring policing into the centre of town, which might be better. But in a town of over 20,000 residents, we need increased hours. The old police station could be used for housing, as well as the two police houses. The exteriors could be maintained and some modest housing, not the usual Crowborough mansions, could help relieve the housing crisis for young or impecunious people in the town. If a local firm won the contract, instead of some smarty pants developer, we might just achieve this.

  2. Crowborough is generally a peaceful town but it has its hotspots. I live close to Bar Trend which has a long history of late night anti social behaviour. The corridor between Pusannon restaurant and Dominoes Pizza is used as :
    1) A urinal
    2) Somewhere to shoot up ( spent needles are found regularly
    3) Aluminium ( instant high ) canisters are strewn all over the place.

    A police presence nearby would stop the dealers to move on and encourage Bar Trend to stop serving clearly drunk patrons.

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