Community groups benefit from Crowborough Lions’ legacy


Thirteen groups and organisations in the area are to benefit from over £22,000 of funding from the Crowborough & District Lions Club.

Following 47 years of serving our community, last June the Lions Club announced their decision to close.

The largest single recipient is the Science Department at Beacon Academy. In addition to the local groups, a further £3,500 is being given to charities supported by Lions International and the South East District.

Ron Reed, Club President, explained the closure is because members have reached an age where they are unable to continue to participate in their usual fundraising activities:

We have tried to find new members without success; so sadly we have had to take the decision to close the Club.

It is a great pity for the people of Crowborough & District who we have been able to help in the past. We are pleased to have been able to help so many people over the years.

Ron Reed, President, Crowborough and District Lions Club
Beacon Academy science equipment£5,207.98
Crowborough Air Cadets£1,000.00
Crowborough Athletic Football£1,000.00
Crowborough Community Association£2,000.00
Crowborough First Responders£1,500.00
Crowborough for Young People Ltd£2,000.00
Crowborough Locomotive Society£2,000.00
Friends of Crowborough Hospital£1,000.00
Know Dementia£1,000.00
Memorial Benches for Crowborough£1,355.85
Rotherfied St Martins£1,000.00
St Michaels & All Angels organ fund£2,000.00
Wadhurst Warriors£1,000.00
Lions International Charities
Air Ambulance£2,000.00
Lions Belarus Trust£1,000.00
Blood Research Appeal (LIBRA)£500.00
Grand Total£25,563.83

Two benches have been ordered. Crowborough Town Council will place them where they will be most useful. The benches will be inscribed with ‘Crowborough & District Lions Club 2021’ and will serve as a lasting tribute to the Club.

Hilary Lyon, Treasurer said:

We have raised money through various activities, fetes and most importantly our bookstall that was outside the post office for many years along with Crowborough Station who also sold books on our behalf.

We have run darts marathons, Easter Eggs raffles and our Big Quiz which gave our income a big boost. A large amount of the money we have been able to donate came from the sale of a garage that we owned.

We are proud of the work members have engaged in over the years; and would like to thank current and all past members, without whom we could not have operated.

Hilary Lyon, Treasurer, Crowborough and District Lions Club
Science Technician Team Leader Mrs Fiona Hoad, Deputy Head Student Matilda, Deputy Head Student Leo, Crowborough Lions President Ron Reed, Crowborough Lions Treasurer Hilary Lyons, Head of Science at Beacon Academy Dr Amber Cumpstey.

The Science Department at Beacon Academy in Crowborough was invited to submit a request for vital specialised equipment. The Department came together to discuss and produced a list of items which would most benefit the students and support their learning. Items were carefully researched and sourced by Head of Science, Dr Cumpstey, and Science Technician Team Leader, Mrs Hoad.

Dr Cumpstey said it came as a wonderful surprise when the Lions announced that they would be funding our entire ‘wish list’:

I cannot thank the Crowborough and District Lions enough for their extremely generous donation. The funds have enabled us to purchase not only replacements for tired resources but also contemporary equipment. The science education of every student in Years 7 to 11 will be enhanced, thanks to the Lions, for years to come. A very fitting tribute.

Dr Cumpstey, Head of Science

A range of equipment is now in use in the school, such as: power packs for each laboratory, a Geiger-Muller counter, precision balances, two ripple tanks, data loggers, a bicycle dynamo model, flammables cabinet, digital volt and ammeters, oscilloscopes, slides of animal and plant cells.

Each item will be labelled as a donation from the Crowborough and District Lions Club.



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