Collision Old Lane


Some time around midnight on Friday night (17th into 18th January), a vehicle mounted verge along Old Lane, just past the junction with Green Lane. The vehicle collided with a parked car with force and shunted it into another car parked on a driveway. A neighbours fence was also damaged.

The driver of the vehicle failed to stop to report the collision.

If you witnessed a vehicle being driven erratically, please contact Sussex Police on 101 or report online.



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  1. It was my fence that was damaged costing £170 to repair, and only that price because my partner done the work as not to incur any further expense to ourselves.The fact that he’s self employed and missed a days pay to erect new fence straightaway as to secure the garden for our dog. I’m so angry that someone could cause so much damage to other people’s property and just drive off!

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