Safety Advice after Chimney Fire in Crowborough

Just after 5pm yesterday (Monday 7th), the fire services was called to a chimney fire on Rochester Way in Crowborough.

Crowborough Fire Station Beacon Road in Crowborough appliance blue lightsOne appliance from Crowborough was mobilised to the scene.  The crew used a ‘chimney kit’ to extinguish the fire.  Home safety advice was provided to residents before firefighters left just before 6pm.

The chimney kit is a special collection of kit used for tackling chimney fires.  It contains rods, a hose and a head, which is connected to the top of the rod and fed up the chimney.  Additional equipment in the kit includes a mirror, to prevent fire fighters from having to look up the chimney where they may be at risk of debris, gloves to handle hot coals and a brush and pan and sheets to cover the hearth and surrounding area to keep the area tidy.

Advice from Crowborough Community Fire Station is to make sure your chimney is swept at the beginning of the season by a professional chimney sweep.  If you are burning wood, the advice is to sweep your chimney twice a year.  If you are burning coal, sweep your chimney once a year.  Use seasoned wood, which isn’t too wet and always use a fire guard where appropriate.

There is more advice on the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service’s website:

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