Should Chapel Green be made a Conservation Area?


Later this year, Wealden District Council will look to see if any potential new Conservation Areas should be designated.  At present, only parts of the Town Centre are in a Conservation Area.  However it has been proposed by Crowborough Town Council that Chapel Green should also be made a Conservation Area, but no decision has yet been made.

Potential new Conservation Area: Chapel Green in Crowborough
Potential new Conservation Area: Chapel Green in Crowborough

The current Conservation Area in the town includes The Cross (including parts of London Road, St John’s Road and Beacon Road), the High Street, The Broadway and the top parts of Croft Road and Crowborough Hill.   Crowborough Cross public house, recently renovated by JD Wetherspoon at a cost of £2 million, is currently the only listed building in the Conservation Area.

Conservation Areas have additional planning controls to preserve and enhance their special architectural and historic interest.  Included are controls over the demolition of buildings, the cutting down and pruning of trees.  If you live or run a business in the Conservation Area you may need permission from the Council before making alterations such as cladding, installing satellite dishes and solar panels, adding conservatories or building walls.  It is not all bad news, as house prices tend to be higher and go up more in Conservation Areas as house-buyers value living in those areas.

There are 34 Conservation Areas within Wealden District, including 8 which now come under planning restrictions of the South Downs National Park Authority.

As part of the review of the Local Plan, Wealden will be re-appraising the existing conservation areas and consider whether new ones should be added.  The Town Council has already been asked for their views, and as the process moves forward the public will be consulted later in 2015.

Download the Crowborough Town Council submission about making Chapel Green a Conservation Area:  Conservation Area Report.

For more detail and a map showing the boundary of the current Conservation Area in Crowborough click on the following link:



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