Changes to the train timetable from next month


Train passengers should take note of a number of changes being made to the train timetable implemented from Sunday 20th May.

The 15.38 service from London Bridge to Uckfield has been withdrawn, along with the shuttle services between Oxted and Uckfield in the evening peak.  Southern have said this will enable the introduction of a new 17:37 service from London Bridge, which will arrive at Crowborough at 18:40.  This may take some of the pressure off the busy service leaving London a few minutes after 6 O’Clock, but this service will only be suitable for those commuters working near to London Bridge station or those that can leave work earlier.

A spokesperson for Southern explained:

We have extended one of the shuttle services to run all the way from London Bridge as a ten-carriage train to meet the demand from commuters. The other shuttle has been withdrawn in order to allow for this extended service. In addition, following feedback from the public consultation on the new timetable, an early train from Uckfield has been re-instated.

The first Up train of the day from May will be the 05:10 from Uckfield (05:21 Crowborough) arriving at London Bridge at 06:23.  The first train will not stop at Ashurst and Hever but other services will call at all intermediate stations.

One commuter told CrowboroughLife the issue with the removal of the 19.08 shuttle from Oxted to Uckfield is that it offered another option if you missed the 18.06.  Rather than having to wait until the next direct train, travellers could catch an East Grinstead train and change onto the shuttle.  Also if the 18.06 (18.07 under the new timetable) was running late it is sometimes terminated short.  The shuttle gave Buxted and Uckfield passengers the option of changing to the train behind.

Other changes mean that the off peak down evening trains no longer stop at intermediate stations like Norwood Junction, Sanderstead and Woldingham.

You can download a copy of the new timetable here:



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  1. if someone can let me know next time they see a 10 carriage Crowborough train that would be great
    look forward to getting home even later now the next time they cancel the 18.06 or it breaks down on route… brilliant

  2. You appear to be missing the news about there being a new down service at 18.37, which is why the other shuttle has been removed. What was that, they haven’t introduced an 18.37…?

    That would have been a better option rather than a 17.37, and eased the pressure on the [now] 18.07.

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