Changes to parking regulations


Moves to free up more parking spaces for shoppers, visitors and local workers in Wealden’s towns and villages have been approved by the District Council.

Sign Croft Road Car Park
Sign Croft Road Car Park

Wealden already offers free parking at 38 of its 40 car parks.  You have to pay in Pevensey Bay and Alfriston.  Having consulted widely on a new Off-Street Car Parking Order, it is introducing more flexibility into car park stay periods including a new medium stay period for local workers.

The regulations cover the following car parks in Crowborough: Pine Grove, Croft Road, Pilmer Road, New Road, Mead House, Waitrose and Jarvis Brook.

The new car park stay periods are:

  • Short Stay – 3 hours
  • Medium Stay – 6 or 10 hours
  • Long Stay – 23 hours.

Previously, the long stay period varied from car park to car park.  The new Parking Order standarises the duration at 23 hours.

The regulations cover matters such as what class of vehicles can use the car parks (ie no HGVs), cars have to be parked within a bay, and leafleting is prohibited.

Councillor Graham Wells, Cabinet member for Asset management said:

Wealden provides 2,745 free car parking places.   They do an important job in helping to maintain the vitality of the high streets in our towns and villages.  The new car parking order will ensure short term visits and disabled places are closer to the main centres, while medium term spaces provide suitable car parking for local workers.

I would like to thank everyone who took part in the consultation, either by email, letter or petitions.  As a result further changes have been made to the provision of car parking spaces at Hailsham, Uckfield, Forest Row and Wadhurst.

In Uckfield, where commuters use of free car parking spaces has made it difficult for local shoppers and visitors, we are installing Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology to ensure short and medium spaces are properly enforced.

The consultation also made clear the level of public concern about the effective enforcement of on-street car parking in Wealden.  Although on-street parking is not the responsibility of Wealden District Council, Cabinet also agreed that further work will be carried out with the Police, County Council, Town and Parish Councils and Network Rail to improve on-street car parking arrangements and ensure they are robustly enforced.

Wealden’s new Car Parking Order comes into effect on Monday 23 February, except in Uckfield when it will come into effect later in the spring to coincide with the opening of the Network Rail car park.

Signs have been placed in the District’s car parks explaining about the changes. Further information about the changes in the car park regulations can be found on the Wealden website.

During the 90 day consultation, the Council received 11 letters, 93 emails and five petitions containing a total of 392 signatures.



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  1. Wealden professes to support tourism but new car park signs across the district ban motorhomes.
    So how does this welcome tourists and encourage them to spend with local businesses?
    We move on to a village or town that welcomes us when we see this notice! If WDC means no overnight parking, that is what they should say.

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