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Crowborough news related to roads and public transport (buses, trains, cycling & pedestrians): Disruption causing delays to journeys to/from Crowborough. Issues with the local roads network, including road works & potholes; faults with traffic lights; journeys effected because of bad weather – fallen trees, icy & snow; modifications of parking arrangements (car parks & on-street parking); inconsiderate parking; congestion & diversions; new road markings. Delays and cancellation of train services travelling to/and from Crowborough. Changes to bus & train timetables and routes. New bus stops and shelters. Electric car charging points. Obstructions etc to pavements. Road safety. Dedicated cycle paths & cycle shelters.

Changes to bus services

Bus passengers are advised to look out for changes to timetables this month. The changes that are being phased-in across East Sussex from 12th April,...

New cycle shelters at Crowborough Station

New cycle facilities will be installed at Crowborough and other railway stations across East Sussex following a Government funding boost. Crowborough and Rye stations will...
Sign parking Regulations Croft Road Waitrose Crowborough

Changes to parking regulations

Moves to free up more parking spaces for shoppers, visitors and local workers in Wealden’s towns and villages have been approved by the District...

Electric car charging points at Crowborough Station

Update: Charging points for four electric vehicles have now been installed.   Four parking bays have been created for drivers of electric cars at Crowborough railway...
Real Time Bus Information High Street Crowborough Bus Stop

Signs displaying bus arrival times in Crowborough

Update:  Live bus times now being displayed on the High Street (TW direction): Most bus passengers will have experienced the feeling of standing at a stop not...

Bring back buses to Beacon Road

The new Councillor for Crowborough West has been asked whether something can be done to restore a bus service back to Beacon Road. Until a...
Sir Henry Fermor School Crowborough Hill

Zig-Zag markings outside schools in Crowborough & Rotherfield to be enforced

Update: At a meeting on Wednesday 16th September, East Sussex County Council approved proposals to introduce a Traffic Regulation Order to make the zig-zag lines...

Think ICE! – Fire service reminds drivers to take care

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service is reminding motorists of the need to take extra care in winter weather. It is expected to freeze again...

Broken grit bins will not be replaced

Crowborough Town Council have decided not to pay for damaged grit bins to be replaced. There are 33 grit bins in the town supplied and...

£1200 to replace fingerpost

Crowborough Town Council are to replace the fingerpost in Jarvis Brook at a cost of £1200. The sign at the junction of the B2100 Rotherfield...