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Crowborough news related to roads and public transport (buses, trains, cycling & pedestrians): Disruption causing delays to journeys to/from Crowborough. Issues with the local roads network, including road works & potholes; faults with traffic lights; journeys effected because of bad weather – fallen trees, icy & snow; modifications of parking arrangements (car parks & on-street parking); inconsiderate parking; congestion & diversions; new road markings. Delays and cancellation of train services travelling to/and from Crowborough. Changes to bus & train timetables and routes. New bus stops and shelters. Electric car charging points. Obstructions etc to pavements. Road safety. Dedicated cycle paths & cycle shelters.

40mph signs on Beacon Road

Making our roads safer

Speed reduction on Beacon Road

Speed limit on Beacon Road

Get off the Tracks

Puffin Crossing gets the Go Ahead

More Station Parking Needed?

Train Refurbishment

Pedestrian Crossing Beacon School

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