“I hear people say that we are concreting over Wealden.”

How you want the District to respond to issues, like climate change and the lack of affordable housing, will be highlighted in the Wealden Local Plan consultation which begins on Monday.
Cover from Government's consultation "Planning for the Future"

Could new “garden villages” be the solution to Wealden’s housing needs?

Could new "garden villages" be the solution to Wealden's housing needs.
Wealden District Council offices in Hailsham

Notification of planning applications

The way Wealden District Council will publicise applications for planning permission is changing.

Application to build 5 more homes on Luxford Lane

Application to build 5 homes on in a garden on Luxford Lane in Crowborough.

Legal advice over Crowborough housing development

Crowborough Town Council take action over controversial planning decision in the Area of Outstanding National Beauty.

Shops converted into flats

Two shops in Crowborough could soon be converted into flats.
Extra Care development at Harecombe Manor on Southview Road in Crowborough

Harecombe Manor redevelopment approved by the Planning Committee

TV MeyMeyebmoA revised scheme to redevelop Harecombe Manor will be considered by Councillors on Thursday 17th September.

Community Centre concerned about cars plunging down the bank

There are concerns about cars plunging down the slope into the Crowborough Community Centre from the adjacent housing development.

Changes to Housing Allocation Policy

Wealden District Council are consulting local people about proposed changes to their Housing Allocation Policy.
Extra Care development at Harecombe Manor on Southview Road in Crowborough

Councillors delay making a decision over Harecombe Manor redevelopment

Councillors to decide whether to grant permission to demolish Harecombe Manor in Crowborough and allow the construction of a purpose built care home.