Crowborough news related to the natural environment around us especially as affected by human activity. Includes farming; wildlife; conservation and increasing biodiversity; access to the countryside inc. Ashdown Forest, Crowborough Common and our Local Nature Reserves (The Ghyll and Crowborough Country Park); mining, minerals and other natural resources; disposal of waste and recycling.

Water companies to address droughts & climate change

Six water companies in the South East have join forces to address climate change challenge and looming water supply shortfalls.
Moths to a Flame Crowborough Community Centre

Crowborough children create artwork to inspire change

Children at three local primary schools have decorated over 800 moths that have come together for one amazing installation at the Crowborough Community Centre.
Electric Car and WDC Officers in Hailsham

Wealden backs government climate strategy

Wealden councillors have backed a motion welcoming the climate agreements made at COP 26 and endorsing the Government’s net zero strategy.
Alley Rockington Way to Blackness Road

Don’t Lose Your Way

It has been bought to Crowborough Town Council's attention that some footpaths in Crowborough, although historically used by members of the public, have not been formally registered as public rights of way.

Decision on measures to reduce Town Council’s carbon footprint delayed

Last night, Crowborough Town Council decided further debate was needed before they could agree to adopt a Climate Change Policy.
Crowborough Town Council door to chambers

Crowborough Town Council’s Climate Change Policy

Next week Crowborough Town Council will discuss their draft Climate Change Policy.

Parking charges on Ashdown Forest

A six-week public consultation regarding proposed car parking charges on the Ashdown Forest launches today.

Ashdown Forest’s Vision for the Future

Find-out about the management strategy for the Ashdown Forest and how reduced funding is threatening its future.
East Sussex County Council logo

Last minute amendment torpedoes support for Environment Bill

Conservative councillors on East Sussex County Council have been accused of ‘barefaced political skullduggery’ after putting forward a last minute amendment to a motion on climate change legislation.
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Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill backed

Legislation calling for action to reverse the climate and ecological breakdown the world is facing has been backed by a senior East Sussex county councillor, but with some caveats.