Crowborough news related to the natural environment around us especially as affected by human activity. Includes farming; wildlife; conservation and increasing biodiversity; access to the countryside inc. Ashdown Forest, Crowborough Common and our Local Nature Reserves (The Ghyll and Crowborough Country Park); mining, minerals and other natural resources; disposal of waste and recycling.

Major study to monitor effects of car pollution on the Ashdown Forest

Monitoring stations are being erected across the Ashdown Forest, including one next to the A26 in Crowborough, to investigate the effects of car pollution. There...

Final design for wind-farm revealed

Friends of the Earth have welcomed the revised design for the Rampion wind-farm off the coast of Sussex.  The energy company E.ON has reduced...

Golf Club restore heathland

Phase 1 of a 10 year project to restore rare heathland on Crowborough Common has started. The work is being part-funded through a Higher Level...
WRAS Founder Trevor Weeks with a broken down Ambulance.

Wildlife charity warns it may be forced to scale back

An East Sussex charity say it may not be able to respond to all calls from the public about injured or sick wildlife as...
Crowborough Beacon Golf Course Club House

Golf club withdraws request for footpath diversions

Update (July 2017): In view of the objections made and the decision by the Planning Inspectorate to hold a Public Inquiry, the Golf Club...

£5 million fund to protect the Forest

Wealden District Council have approved proposals to establish a £5 million fund to allow development to resume in Crowborough and elsewhere within 7km of...
Sheep worrying post on gate on the Ashdown Forest

Sheep suffer horrendous injuries

There have been more incidents of sheep being attacked by dogs on the Ashdown Forest. A severely injured ewe was found near Crowborough Road close...

Badger vaccination begins

This morning the first badgers in East Sussex were vaccinated against TB. Sussex Badger Vaccination Project (SBVP) has been set up to offer farmers and...

Badger vaccination against TB

Volunteers have begun the process of vaccinating badgers in East Sussex against bovine tuberculosis (TB). This week members of the Sussex Badger Vaccination Project (SBVP)...

Deer Cull approved on the Forest

Update:  A limited cull of Fallow Deer was approved to reduce traffic accidents and improved the health of the herd. Does of breeding age will...