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Crowborough news related to the natural environment around us especially as affected by human activity. Includes farming; wildlife; conservation and increasing biodiversity; access to the countryside inc. Ashdown Forest, Crowborough Common and our Local Nature Reserves (The Ghyll and Crowborough Country Park); mining, minerals and other natural resources; disposal of waste and recycling.

Consultation about footpath diversions on Crowborough Common

Crowborough Beacon Golf Club have applied to have six footpaths and two bridleways crossing Crowborough Common diverted. The Golf Club would like the Rights of...

Volunteers get Palegate Meadow ready for the return of the Exmoor Ponies

A small group of volunteers joined Crowborough Town Council’s new Ranger, Dan Colbourne at Palesgate Meadow yesterday to pull ragwort (Wednesday 24th June). Palesgate Meadow...

£50 charge for garden waste collections

Wealden District Council is looking to introduce charges for garden waste collections when the new Joint Waste Contract for refuse and recycling comes into...

Have you ever thought of getting solar panels?

Homeowners in Wealden have another opportunity to join a group-buying scheme to get solar panels installed on their roof in order to generate electricity.

New bird boxes on Crowborough Beacon Golf Course

Last year Crowborough Beacon Golf Club (CBGC) received a grant from Natural England to restore the rare heathland habitat on Crowborough Common.  As a...

‘Pocket’ Nature Reserve on former school land

Update:  If you have walked along Poundfield Path this week you will have seen the Ground Staff from Crowborough Town Council, with the help...

Major study to monitor effects of car pollution on the Ashdown Forest

Monitoring stations are being erected across the Ashdown Forest, including one next to the A26 in Crowborough, to investigate the effects of car pollution. There...

New wildlife group in Crowborough

A new group has been established in Crowborough for people who are interested in nature and wildlife conservation.

New funding to boost the employment prospects of thousands of young people in East...

Around 3,000 youngsters are expected to benefit from £200,000 secured by East Sussex County Council on behalf of Skills East Sussex, the county’s employment...

Badger vaccination against TB

Volunteers have begun the process of vaccinating badgers in East Sussex against bovine tuberculosis (TB). This week members of the Sussex Badger Vaccination Project (SBVP)...