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News about criminal activity, anti-social behaviour or wrongdoing which either occured in Crowborough and/or involved people as victims or culprits who live in the area. Arrests, convictions and sentencing. Crime prevention advice, deterrents, Neighbourhood Watch schemes and other action being taken to tackle crime and the fear of crime. Warnings of rogue traders and scams. Crime statistics. Police and Crime Commissioner (inc elections). Policing priorities and activities. Support for Victims of crime.

Police issue warning over window cleaners

Sussex Police have issued a warning to people living in Crowborough, after an elderly resident was charged an excessive amount by window cleaners. Police say...

Crime figures in Sussex falling

Crime has fallen in Sussex by 12% in three years, and the percentage of crimes solved by the county's police force has risen from 25.4%...
Poundfield Stores Green Lane Crowborough

Man pleads guilty to committing the knifepoint robbery on Good Friday

This morning (Thursday 2nd June) Keenan Carmody pleaded guilty to stealing cash from Poundfield Stores on Green lane in Crowborough. On Good Friday at about...