Local Elections on 4th May


The names of the candidates for the local elections on Thursday 4th May have been published.

The public will elect Councillors to serve on Wealden District Council. 

No elections will need to take place to elect Councillors to Crowborough Town Council on this occasion as the number of candidates in each ward dose not exceed the number of seats.

Wealden District Council

Six Councillors will be elected to Wealden District Council to represent the six wards in Crowborough:

Crowborough Central (1 seat)
Peter Bucklitsch (Independent)
Jane Clark (Liberal Democrat)
Ron Reed (Conservative)

Crowborough Jarvis Brook (1 seat)
Craig Edwards (Conservative)
Gareth Owen-Williams (Liberal Democrat)

Crowborough North (1 seat)
Kay Moss (Independent)
James Partridge (Liberal Democrat)
James Turgoose (Conservative)

Crowborough South East (1 seat)
Philip Lunn (Conservative)
Andrew Wilson (Liberal Democrat)

Crowborough South West (1 seat)
Alison Arthur (Liberal Democrat)
Neil Waller (Conservative)

Crowborough St Johns (1 seat)
Sarah Bammann (Labour)
Martyn Everitt (Green)
Richard Hallett (Conservative)

Crowborough Town Council

Crowborough Town Council is made up of sixteen Councillors representing six wards.  No elections will take place as the number of candidates does not exceed the number of seats. In due course the Council will decide fill the four vacancies by co-option.

Crowborough Central (3 seats)
Peter Bucklitsch (Independent)
Jane Clark (Liberal Democrat)
Matthew Street (Conservative)

Crowborough North (3 seats)
Martyn Garrett (Independent)
Kay Moss (Independent)

Crowborough Jarvis Brook (2 seats)
No nominations received

Crowborough South East (3 seats)
Susanne Dixon (Independent)
Richard Jury (Conservative)

Crowborough South West (3 seats)
Alison Arthur (Liberal Democrat)
Alan Penney
Neil Waller (Conservative)

Crowborough St Johns (2 seats)
Martyn Everitt (Green)
Natalie Whittle (Independent)

Polling Stations

For the first time at this election you must take valid photo identification with you to the polling station. You must go to the polling station assigned – it is printed on your polling card sent through the post.  Further advice about what happens on election day.

Postal Vote

Up to Tuesday 18th April at 5pm you can apply for a postal vote.

Statements of Persons Nominated

If you wish to see the candidates standing for election in neighbouring parishes they can be downloaded from Wealden District Council’s website.  The statements are listed alphabetically by ward.  They also give the candidates full name, the home address of the candidate and the people that nominated them.

Statement of Persons Nominated


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