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The four candidates standing for election in the Wealden constituency for the General Election next month have today been officially announced. They are:

• Chris Bowers, Liberal Democrats

• Nus Ghani, Conservative Party

• Angie Smith, Labour Party

• Georgia Widdicombe Taylor, Green Party

Full details of the 2019 General Election timetable and the statement of the persons nominated for the Wealden constituency can be found on the Forthcoming Elections page of the Wealden District Council website.

If you are not already registered, the deadline is 11.59pm on Tuesday 26th November to vote in this General Election.

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Trevor Scott, District Returning Officer said:

We start sending out polling cards through the post on 12th November. If you are not sure if you are registered, please wait until after 15th November to see if you have received a polling card. If not, our elections team will be happy to handle your application before 26th November.

This is also the last date you can apply for a postal vote, or change your existing postal or proxy vote arrangements. If you want to apply for a postal vote, if you are not already registered to receive one, the deadline is 5pm. Applications can be made online at

To contact the elections team at Wealden District Council phone 01892 602417 or email

The election will take place on Thursday 12th December between the hours of 7am and 10pm.



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  1. All parties dont seem to be represented. I like many others are now confused about which way to vote. For me it will be none of the above, let me explain.
    Labour although Nationalisation would be great and looking after our NHS would be fantastic they want to continuously delay Brexit which the country voted for.
    Conservative I find it very difficult to believe anything they say as they have been caught out time and time again. No clear leaving plan in place even after three years.
    Liberal now they want to go completely against democracy and try to keep us in the EU, I voted but that is imaterial as the majority won the vote, out.
    Green Party, couldnt run the country due to their beliefs. Life is full of compromises and they dont. They are too focused on being green than allowing certain aspects of life to continue which would put our industry in a worse state than it is already.

    The country needs new thinking and career politicians dont fit the bill, it might work if they all worked together and stopped storytelling to the public. Between them they have successfully dismembered parliament. If they dont start working for the country people will not vote and we will be back to square one. We need to know their policies, yes but we need to know what is feasable, what will leaving the EU mean to the common man, what are their intentions on how to fix it. We dont want Jackanory.

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