Bus stop improvements in Crowborough

East Sussex County Council is going to carry-out improvements to a number of existing bus stops in Crowborough to make them more accessible and visible.


The work will include providing hard-standing areas for boarding and alighting passengers, installation of 3 meter high black steel poles and the fitting of bus stop flags showing the name of the stop.

It is also proposed to install additional bus stops on either side of Croft Road near Waitrose.

Electronic real-time information signs have been installed at some bus stops in town, but the signs on Eridge Road are not yet working.

An East Sussex County Council spokesman said:

We are sending someone down to look at the signs at Crowborough Cross to ascertain whether there’s a fault with these signs.

The sign in the High Street does currently only display times for buses heading towards Tunbridge Wells. We are investigating the possibility of installing a sign on the opposite side of the road which would display southbound times.  This is subject to a site survey and funding being available.

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