Bugatti’s Nightclub to become flats

A planning application has been submitted to convert the former Bugatti’s Nightclub in Crowborough into apartments.

Bugattis Nightclud (May 2009) in Crowborough Google Street View

If given the go-ahead by the planning authority, the building above M&Co in The Broadway will be converted to create eight apartments in total.  The first floor will be redeveloped to create one 1-bed flat and three 2-beds and a studio apartment.  In addition it is proposed to extend the roof space to create three additional studios on the second floor.  Three dormer windows will be inserted into the front roof.

No parking will be provided for residents, but there will be secure storage for cycles.  The Transport Statement assumes there will be a reduced level of car ownership.

The public have until 8th February to comment on the planning application (Ref: WD/2017/2737/F): www.planning.wealden.gov.uk.

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6 comments on “Bugatti’s Nightclub to become flats
    • Totally agree – the overall car parking is being reduced by the Pine Grove development. Look at the parking on Mill lane to see the “reduced level of car ownership” – total nonsense…

  1. Crikes 7 units! The residents in the roof space will find it very hot in the summer, i found this through personal experience with a roof extension once. If they are “studios” there will be no respite from the heat. Seems an overdevelopment to me. Thank goodness they will not have to store their “mode of transport” ie the bikes in their accommodation. I believe that a conversion in Brighton stipulated that the residents were not allowed to own a car if they lived in a particular conversion, think it was the old brewery site there, perhaps this can be a written into the lease on each unit. I hope they pay due diligence re getting out safely in case of fire. If there are only 7 people trying to get out through one staircase thats bad enough but potentially there could be 14 people (2 per unit). I hope they look carefully at this.

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