Launch of “Brighter Crowborough” Group

A growing band of volunteers are trying to keep Crowborough “clean, green and litter free”.

Brighter Crowborough litter pickersEarlier this year David Collumbell of Western Gardens started going-out on a Sunday morning for a couple of hours litter picking near his home in Jarvis Brook.  This weekend to tie in with the ‘Clean for The Queen’ he organised a litter pick starting at Tesco.

Councillor Clean for the Queen

L to R: Cllrs Philip Lunn, Richard Stogdon and Greg Rose.

Wealden District Council were offering free kits, containing litter pickers, gloves and bag openers, to the first 10 groups to sign-up.  David saw ‘Clean for the Queen’ initiative as a way of getting his hands on some useful equipment to help him and the other volunteers to continue with their quest to make Crowborough a tidier place to live.

There was also a ‘Clean for the Queen’ event in Alderbook on Saturday, which was supported by Cllrs Philip Lunn, Richard Stogdon and Greg Rose.

Not knowing about last year’s Town Council-led I Care for Crowborough campaign, David took the name from the similar group that has been running in the neighbouring town of Uckfield since 2008.  As well as litter picking, BUC Up (Brighter Uckfield Campaign) also do some community gardening, weeding and planting bulbs on community land.

David explained his motivation to CrowboroughLife:

I was fed-up of seeing litter around jarvis Brook.  I get a real satisfaction seeing it clean.

Brighter Crowborough Tesco Sybron Way Crowborough

Some of the volunteer at the start of the litter-pick at Tesco

On the Group’s Facebook page, David thanked others for helping yesterday:

Many thanks to Jane Jeffery, Ian and Lyn Coates and the three others that came.  Cleared the streets of 17 bags of rubbish in total, plus 2 x scooters, 2 x saws, few road and trade signs and various other bits and bobs!  One group have cleared from Sybron Way to the Railway Bridge, including the worst part, down by the stream, the other group from Sybron Way, into Palesgate Lane as far as the Football Club.

Although David tends to arrange litter-picks for every other Sunday, he explained there is no reason others couldn’t borrow the equipment and go out at other times during the week.  David is also trying to get hold of some high-viz vests and wondered whether a local company might be willing to sponsor Brighter Crowborough.  Perhaps it might make sense for ‘Brighter Crowborough’ and ‘I Care for Crowborough’ to amalgamate.  For more information and to get involved see: www.facebook.com/Brighter-Crowborough

Brighter Crowborough Campaign

4 comments on “Launch of “Brighter Crowborough” Group
  1. Very commendable. Is the Queen coming to inspect your efforts? No, thought not. In the litter pick I organised, also under the ‘Clean for the Queen’ banner, only 2 people turned up. Fortunately, despite working for an hour and a half, we only collected the equivalent of one bin bag in total from three roads and a well-walked stretch of Ashdown Forest. We are therefore not major litterbugs in our ward, and other kind people discreetly pick up litter outside their homes on a regular basis. However, what seems to have been forgotten in all the rosy haze of community spirit is that people used to be employed and paid to do this job, and took a pride in keeping their patch clean and presentable. They would also have done more than their pay grade demanded and notified the authorities of anything else they noticed that needed attention, such as potholes, overhanging hedges, milk bottle building up on an elderly person’s doorstep and so on. But that was in the days when national government thought a bit harder before sending bombs to kill children in other countries, and didn’t starve local government of money to carry out these mundane jobs that make the environment a more pleasant place for all of us. Indeed, in those bad old days people even knew the name of their neighbour and cared a bit more for people around them. What went wrong?

    • Crowborough Town Council do employ an Environmental Warden. Staff from Keir, the waste contractor, can also often be seen picking litter.

    • Glad to hear Crow Town Council employ someone. Smaller councils can’t so rely on goodhearted volunteers. There are still some of those about, thank goodness!

  2. So glad the keep Crowborough clean people are out and about – I was so annoyed the other day with the state of litter on whitehill road outside the Premier/Motorcycle shop areas that thought we needed something like this – I would try and pick up litter ordinarily but there was so much ! Keep up the good work chaps!

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