Brexit Party candidate

Update: The Brexit Party have decided it will not now stand in 317 seats won by the Conservative Party in 2017.

The Brexit Party has chosen, former UKIP candidate, Peter Griffiths to fight the next general election in Wealden.

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party was launched in April and six weeks later won more votes than the Conservative and Labour parties combined in the elections for the European Parliament.

Commenting on his selection, he said:

Constituencies like Wealden, have been ignored by London-centric Governments, to the detriment of our housing, roads, transport links, social care, infrastructure, internet, health and schooling. We need an MP who understands the problems faced by a largely rural community.

Most MPs treat their constituents as an inconvenient necessity, making promises at election time, then treat with disdain for 5 years, especially with regard to the EU Referendum.

The Two-Party System, is no longer fit for purpose. Large numbers of the electorate, are effectively dis-enfranchised by constituencies with big Tory or Labour majorities. The disenchantment with the system leads to voters just not bothering and for the ensconced MP not feeling they have to heed dissident voices. We aim to change that.

Peter Griffiths was an airline pilot with BOAC, before joining Cathay Pacific, where he rose to Fleet Manager B747, running 19 aeroplanes and their crews.

He has always been interested in politics, but only took an active part when he was asked to resurrect the Withham branch of the Conservative Party. He left in 2000 when his views on our membership of the EU, became too widely different from the Party. He stood for election with UKIP in 2015, for Wealden, coming second to Nus Ghani, with 17% share of the vote.

Peter added:

By cutting HS2, halving our Foreign Aid budget, saving £39B, plus £10B a year from EU contributions, we will have the money to spend on the regions, to cut student loan interest, to improve Wi-Fi nationally, help small businesses, support the military, especially veterans and so much more.

After we leave, businesses in Sussex will have the whole world to trade with, without the cloying regulations imposed by Brussels, often gold-plated by Whitehall. We will have trade deals that benefit the UK, without having to wait whilst 27 other countries quibble over the minutiae. 

At last we can realise Britain’s true potential, with a real Brexit.

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