Boots Pharmacy to close next month


Boots at Beacon GP Surgery in Crowborough will close on 22nd August.

Boots at Beacon Medical Centre

A Boots UK spokesperson said:

At Boots UK, we continually review our store locations to make sure they are where our customers need us most. It is never a decision we take lightly when looking to close a store. Unfortunately we have taken the decision to close the store at the Beacon Surgery in Crowborough on Saturday 22 August 2020 Our nearby store on Crowborough High Street will remain open and will continue to offer pharmacy services to our customers.

Poster in store window


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    • I am very disappointed in Boots.
      Their High Street store will remain open, but Some patients of Beacon Surgery are not able to walk that far Either for prescriptions or advise.
      The staff at Beacon Boots are amazing & have got to know their patients over the years & I for one will really miss them.
      Maybe Boots would like to reconsider & think of what is good for the community.

  1. The Boots at Beacon Surgery is predominantly a dispensary and not a store and provides a service to the patients of this particular health centre. The store in the High Street will not be able to dispense the amount of prescriptions dealt with at the Beacon.
    When will large companies realise that providing a service is just as important as shareholder dividends.

  2. What a shame! This is a necessary location for locals to collect subscriptions and every day meds! This will only put more pressure on the high street Boots.

  3. To close down Beacon Road Surgery Boots Pharmacy is absolute madness! It’s always full when I go there. Many elderly and Disabled People are not able to get to the high Street Branch due to the distance of walking from the Car Park. What Bird Brain came up with this Branch at the Surgery to close? The High Street Branch is badly situated and should be moved closer to the main car park! The vulnerable will suffer more now and many, I believe, will not pick up their prescriptions due to to its location…

  4. In normal times, prior to Covid, this is a very busy pharmacy which can get quite crowded, with queueing and waiting times, because it is so busy. If this is to be transferred to the High Street shop, when things get back to normal it could become chaotic with pharmacy queues mixed up with the shop’s other customers, unless there is some plan to reeorganise the layout of the shop to accommodate the pharmacy.

  5. Again the planners and wheeler dealers of Crowborough council pass plans for hundreds of new houses, while services are being whittled away. The people of Crowborough need to get together and form an action group to fight all these dreadful decisions.

  6. Bizarre decision, as it is always busy – the staff are excellent and know the Doctors etc – and as somebody has said, some people need to park outside because they struggle with physical mobility. This decision seems to be totally illogical, and I do hope Boots central management team will reflect and reconsider this decision. Beacon Surgery is a Crown Jewel, and surely it makes sense to be part of that?

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