“Raised eyebrows” no parking provided


Outline planning permission is being sought to build a block of 10 flats on the land currently used as parking by Crowborough Cabs.

Alleyway between Chappells chemist and Broadway Travel on The Broadway in Crowborough

Wellsbridge Estates Ltd are proposing to construct five flats with 1 bedroom and five with 2 bedrooms on the land behind Broadway Travel, adjacent to the footpath which runs from the car park down to the Town Centre.

Ash Goldsmith, Manager of Crowborough Cabs, wanted to reassure his customers that the planning application will not affect their operation and future bookings:

As a company we will keep trading. The booking office will remain at Heatherbank, the only thing that would have to change is where we park our cabs.

Only one car parking space would be provided for the new flats, reserved for a Blue Badge Holder. The Design and Access Statement submitted with the application reads:

Thus, while we can imagine that there will be raised eyebrows at the fact that the development does not provide parking space[s], we submit that in this case the sustainability of the site and the improvement to pedestrian movement that would result are sufficient material considerations to make the application proposals acceptable.

The Travel Plan, submitted with the application, reasons that the “car-free” development will be environmentally sustainable and will improve safety, as taxis currently cross the footpath to access the site. Future occupiers of the flats will be encouraged to use environmentally friendly forms of transport, such as cycling and buses. Bus stops are within 50 paces and shops and supermarkets are within easy walking distance.

With Wealden District Council unable to demonstrate a five-year supply of housing land, there is a presumption in favour of sustainable development within the National Planning Policy Framework.

Planning permission has been granted to build three Town Houses on the adjacent site behind Johnsons Dry Cleaning.

Click to view the planning application and submit your comments on Wealden District Council’s website (Ref: WD/2019/1833/MAO).

The Directors of Wellsbridge, Alan Forward and Andrew Stevens, were approached to see if they wished to comment and declined.

Crowborough Town Council is a statutory consultee for all planning applications in the parish. Their Planning and Development Committee will be discussing the application during their meeting on Monday 14th October.


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  1. Crowborough is already blighted by over-development leading to cramped accommodation in the smallest of spaces. This will add to that. And the ‘no car’ thing is ridiculous. Poor planning system/decisions over a number of years.

  2. …what about visitors’ cars, delivery drivers, visiting contractors etc – where do they park? Why is only one person in the block allowed to be disabled? Why are cyclists thought to be any less danger to pedestrians on a footpath than cars?

    There are too many other places in Crowborough where parking was not catered for in new developments and now chaos ensues on nearby roads clogged with parked cars (Pine Grove, Mill Lane, Whitehill, Western Rd, Crowborough Hill etc etc ). Stop building up these bottleneck areas which are already too congested, this is the last thing Crowborough needs.

  3. Planning department are way ahead of us. Soon no one will have cars, look at the hundreds of cyclists you see every day in the high street/on the school run. Finding somewhere to park your bike is going to be a problem soon.
    It is just a co-incidence that building without parking is more profitable for the developers.

  4. ,,,, read the first comment about blocking public car parking spaces in answer to that.
    Parking space in the ‘rather large car park’ has already been lost to bad planning decisions with the current development underway, and the council has had to admit that it will need to fell further trees to address the problem. Do keep up mcchrystalise!


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