Crowborough couple on TV property programme


Reg and Paula Sanbury will feature Channel 4’s property design programme ‘Big House, Little House’ on Saturday (25th August).

From Left to Right: Reg Sansbury, Paula Sansbury and Aidan Keane

In every show, two families tackle a renovation project to their own homes – but on two very different budgets.  The couple, who live on The Grove, had £25,000.  The other family, from West Yorkshire, had just £7,000 to knock through from their kitchen into the dining room.

Keeping an eye on everything is designer Aidan Keane.  He is one of the UK’s most successful commercial designers – his company Keane Brands transforms hotels, restaurants, clubs and office spaces across the world with bases in London, Dubai and Singapore and major projects everywhere from Australia to the USA.

In Saturday’s programme, filmed last year, you can see the Sansburys transform the downstairs of their home.  Reg said:

We have a great family house but were very bored with the downstairs, we felt that space was wasted and wanted to be in a position to see and enjoy the garden more while making the whole downstairs space lighter, more open and more usable on a daily basis.

Aidan didn’t change the physical plans we had rather he guided us how to use the space we were creating more effectively, partly through de-cluttering.  He also gave us good direction with lighting and also the use of textures.  We didn’t use all his suggestions but with his help definitely ended up with a better overall result.

Asked about whether they managed to created their dream kitchen diner Reg responded:

We are delighted with the results, love the house again and, twelve months on still walk into rooms and marvel at how things have changed.

Our plans were always going to make it airier but with Aidan’s guidance reducing clutter has made it feel incredibly open.

We feel the money was extremely well spent as we enjoy living in the house so much, the programme will demonstrate how it was money well spent.

The programme will be shown on Channel 4 at 4.35pm on Saturday 26th August.  Alternatively watch the programme on catch-up on Channel 4 OD: Big House Little House.



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  1. And won’t it be interesting to see how the Yorkshire family managed to improve their living space without the advantages of a typical Crowborough resident!

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