Beacon wins award from the Speaker of the House of Commons

Beacon Academy was today presented was awarded the Speaker’s School Council Award by Rt Hon John Bercow MP for a project to tackle homophobic bullying.


The school was awarded the prize in the age 17-19 category for their LGBTQ Anti-Bullying Initiative.  The LGBTQ acronym that stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer, and is used to designate a community of people whose sexual or gender identities can create shared social concerns.

Beacon Academy’s school council used the LGBTQ+ History Month to develop and deliver a series of assemblies for students on the use of homophobic language within schools.  The assemblies were accompanied by two large displays within the school, and will shortly be made available online.  The Council have also liaised with the local Youth Service to establish a LGBTQ+ youth group in Crowborough. The project’s aim was to make LGBTQ+ students feel more safe and secure in their school.

Representatives of the school council visited Parliament today to receive their award at a ceremony held in the Speaker’s Apartments.

Wealden MP Nus Ghani expressed her delight:

I am so thrilled that Beacon Academy has become one of only four schools in the whole country to win a Speaker’s School Council Award, but it is no surprise that such a super school should receive national recognition like this.

As I said when I encouraged Wealden’s schools to enter the competition, school councils are a brilliant way to teach our kids about the value of democracy, with pupils elected to represent the views of their fellow students and to improve their school. When I visit schools in the constituency, or they come to visit me at Parliament, they are always proud of the role their council plays in school life.

The work that Beacon’s School Council has done to promote LGBTQ+ welfare and to campaign against homophobic bullying is worthy of any award, and shows an awareness for the safety and welfare of others that all of us should take as a brilliant example.  It is fitting that this award should go to a school with such dedicated teachers which serves its community so effectively, and particularly so in the year it celebrates its 60th birthday.

I am a proud MP and delighted to be a part of the Beacon community.

Rt Hon. John Bercow MP, Speaker of the House of Commons, said:

School councils give young people their first taste of democracy in action, and the projects received for this year’s competition demonstrates the valuable contribution that young people can make to their communities.  As Speaker of the House of Commons I am proud to support the work of school councils in all their endeavours, and bowled over by the high quality of all the contributions we have received from young people across the UK.

You can see more photos on Beacon Academy’s Twitter account: @Beacon_Academy.

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