Beacon Academy in Crowborough launches student newspaper


Students at Beacon Academy Sixth Form have launched the first edition of a new student newspaper.

The Beacon Bugle has been founded, written and designed entirely by the students. The monthly publication will include a range of topics including sport, entertainment, fashion and politics. Issue one features articles on the music industry, the world’s wildfires and the current situation in Afghanistan.

Sixth Form students holding copies of the newspaper.

Editor and Year 13 student Jasmine said:

I was inspired to start a sixth from student paper because I am really interested in being a journalist and thought this would be a good way to begin to explore this. I also took part in some journalism work experience where they advised writing for your school paper. This made me realise we did not have one, so I decided to change this! I then compiled a team of Year 13s to write articles and began preparing the first issue. It has been quite difficult to put the first issue together but really exciting and I am really pleased with the final product. We plan to publish monthly issues from now on and hopefully The Beacon Bugle will continue to prosper over the coming years!”

Editor – Jasmine

Click to download and read the first edition of The Beacon Bugle.


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