Batteries cause bin lorry fires


Batteries have caused two separate fires in bin lorries in Wealden after sparks ignited the surrounding rubbish. In one incident, a mobile phone battery exploded and caught fire.

On Tuesday 16th June at 8.45am, Crowborough firefighters were called to reports of a refuse vehicle alight on Green Lane.

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Thankfully no-one was hurt in either event, but there was significant service disruption to refuse and recycling collections. 

A spokesperson for the East Sussex Joint Waste Partnership said:

Our crews were very lucky this time and avoided serious injury.  With your help, we can continue to keep both you and our refuse workers safe, and our services running to schedule. Thank you. 

Batteries and small electrical items of any kind pose a fire risk if placed in amongst rubbish and recycling. The risk is much higher in hot weather.

To help us prevent future fires, householders are asked place them in a separate bag on top of either your rubbish or recycling bin for collection. If you can remove batteries from items first please do so.

Please take any larger electrical items which don’t fit into a carrier bag to a household waste and recycling site.



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  1. We’ve been clapping the binmen every Thursday, including them in the key workers. Now some people’s thoughtlessness or laziness risks their lives! We all get a waste and recycling calendar before the beginning of the year, or we can print one off WDC’s website. Along with that is a list of what can be recycled and what can’t, together with what to do with batteries. Is it so difficult to place this somewhere in your kitchen, and if in doubt refer to it from time to time?

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