Arriva to stop running the 228/229 bus

Arriva have decided to stop running the 228/229 bus service from Crowborough to Tunbridge Well from 3rd September.

228-Bus-Crowborough-HillThe bus company have given notice to East Sussex County Council that they will be withdrawing the service from 3rd September 2016, as they no longer consider the route commercially viable.  Arriva’s withdrawal includes the section of route in Crowborough partly funded by the county council.

A spokesperson for East Sussex County Council said:

We expect to secure a replacement daytime Crowborough town service, although this is likely to differ from the current Arriva provision.  Future provision may require passengers from Poundfield, Jarvis Brook and Alderbrook to change buses at Crowborough The Broadway when travelling to and from Tunbridge Wells

We are working with Kent County Council to try and ensure alternative transport arrangements are available for pupils who travel on the 228/229 bus from Crowborough to schools and colleges in the Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge area and we are in discussions with bus operators, although East Sussex County Council’s policy does not provide funding for school buses for pupils not attending their nearest school.

Last September Arriva modified the route so that not all buses completed a circular route around Crowborough.

Earlier this year Wealden Bus Alliance and Sussex Community Rail Partnership conducted a survey to see if there is demand for an early morning and evening commuter bus connecting with train services.

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Do you rely on the 228/229 to get to work or do your children use it to get to school?  Why do you think it is unprofitable to run?  Concerned about the withdrawal of the service and what might be provided as an alternative, then add your comments below or join the conversation on Facebook.

4 comments on “Arriva to stop running the 228/229 bus
  1. Perhaps if the bus fare wasn’t more expensive that the Brighton and Hove no.29 bus service. Can’t really comment much on the driver’s as there are some proper rude drivers on no.29 buses

  2. My 12year old son catches the 228 in the morning directly to his school (St Gregory’s). Only one bus a day to get him there. One bus a day to get him home again. This bus is always full. It currently takes him just over an hour door to door. I can only purchase adult tickets for this route.

    When they stop this service in September my 12 year old will young child and he will need to leave the house at 6am and won’t get home till gone 5.30pm. He is about to complete his first year at secondary school, is happy and doing well academically and the Council’s answer is we can provide a nearer school’.

    I don’t know what to do. My son is at a vulnerable age and has now settled into secondary school. He will be devastated to have to change schools just because Arriva have stopped this bus route.

    Michelle King

  3. I have lived on Walshes Road for over 20 years and do rely on this bus, as it is a walk to go to the 29 in Whitehill Road on one side, and if you go to Tesco’s on the other it is much less tiring to take a bus back from the station than walk with shopping. All the chopping and changing by Arriva has not helped getting the service used more. At one point there was no timetable posted for months at my bus stop. Another time they built a new bus shelter and then moved the bus so it was never used! And the 228 and 229 have continually had their routes and timetables changed. I see that the service is used a lot by pensioners and parents with push-chairs, so it is valuable but makes little money. Also the school children from T. Wells coming down Whitehill Rd are now filling up the 29. There is even talk of having the 29 not come down Whitehill Rd! So then what are we supposed to do? We need details of the local bus mentioned, please.

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